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Summer Advising and Registration Days

Attending an Advising & Registration Day program is required for ALL new students (resident and commuter), in addition to Fall Orientation. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to attend this one-day program with their student(s) in June, July, or August.

Registration for the Days will open on this webpage in May. During the Advising & Registration Day program, participants will have an opportunity to learn firsthand about academics and campus resources from faculty, administrators, and student leaders. Students will also discuss and complete course registration in groups with an academic department representative, leaving campus with a class schedule for the fall semester.

​​Advising & Registration Days are assigned by course of study. For first-year students who have already declared a major, you will have two specific assigned dates to choose from. Where identified, declared students should make every effort possible to attend the “recommended date” for their specific major, as this will provide the greatest opportunity to connect with likeminded classmates and faculty members. Undeclared first-year students are assigned 4-5 potential dates, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis when program registration opens in May. Please note that a change of major during the summer months may also require a change of Advising & Registration date. International students will automatically be assigned to our late August program, but may choose to switch to a June date by contacting our office in May.

A mailing will go out to deposited incoming stu​​dents in May with more information about this program, how to register, and what to do in advance. If you have questions regarding your assigned Advising & Registration dates once you receive your mailing, please contact us.​​