New Student Orientation Staff

Each year, a staff of nearly 100 enthusiastic student leaders helps welcome new students and families to the Providence College community during our Advising & Registration Days, and Fall Orientation program.

Meet the June Orientation Leaders:

Kasey Cardin ‘18

Kasey Cardin headshotHometown: Barrington, Rhode Island
Major: Elementary/Special Education
Superhero Power you Would Want Most: “The ability to fix anything – tangible or intangible.”
Favorite Quote: “Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words.” – Unknown
Lesson Learned Your First Year at PC: “Time management and organization are key, and you’ll have so much more time on your hands if you get those skills down early.”

Phionna-Cayola Claude ‘18

Phionna-Cayola Claude headshotHometown: Dedham, Massachusetts
Major/Minor: Psychology/French
Favorite Childhood Show: Fairly Odd Parents
Favorite Fictional Leader: Olivia Pope
Favorite Spots On-Campus: Congress and BMSA (Board of Multicultural Student Affairs) Offices

Kelly Donnellan ‘19

Kelly Donnellan headshotHometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
Major/Minor: Biology/Spanish
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Favorite Quote: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lesson Learned Your First Year at PC: “I wanted to feel perfectly comfortable and transitioned right away, but learned that everything takes time.”

Michael Fanelli ‘20

Mike Fanelli headshotHometown: New Rochelle, New York
Majors: History & American Studies
Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens
Favorite Vacation Spot: Cuba
Favorite PC Experience (so far): “Meeting my soon-to-be best friend in a hallway, because we were both late to our math class.”

Leicia Henderson ‘19

Leicia Henderson headshotHometown: Westwood, Massachusetts
Major/Minor: Psychology/Business Studies
Favorite Subject (Other Than Major/Minor): Art
Favorite Fictional Leader: Leslie Knope
Lesson Learned Your First Year at PC: “Everyone comes from such different places and backgrounds, so it’s important to keep that in mind when you meet new people.”

Phoebee Jean ‘19

Jean Phoebee headshotHometown: Lynn, Massachusetts
Major: Health Policy and Management
Favorite Movie: Hidden Figures
Favorite Spot On-Campus: Feinstein 403 Community Room
Favorite PC Experience (so far): “Our service trip to San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico with Global Studies 371.”

Keaundra Lawson ‘18

Keaundra Lawson headshotHometown: Springfield, Massachusetts
Major: Health Policy and Management
Favorite Movies: Legally Blonde and Bring It On (the 1st one only!)
Favorite “Real Life” Leaders: Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton
Things new Students Should not Forget to Bring to Campus: “Personality and confidence. Being yourself will allow you to find friends just like you.”

Magnoly Maria ‘19

Maria Magnoly headshotHometown: Lawrence, Massachusetts
Major: Management
Favorite Musician: John Legend
Favorite Villain: Cersei Lannister
Favorite Thing to do in Providence: “Find new places to eat!”

Shawn McDermott ‘20

Shawn McDermott headshotHometown: Hudson, New Hampshire
Major: Accountancy
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo
Lesson Learned Your First Year at PC: “Getting a big project done early is one of the best feelings in the world. I would definitely recommend it.”

Rita Murphy ‘19

Rita Murphy headshotHometown: Westfield, New Jersey
Majors: Art History & Psychology
Favorite Actor: John Krasinski
Favorite “Real Life” Leader: Malala Yousafzai
Thing new Students Should not Forget to Bring to Campus: “Rain boots and a rain coat. I cannot stress this enough.”

William Oser ‘19

Will Oser headshotHometown: Verona, New Jersey
Majors: Theatre Arts and Management
Favorite way to Waste Time: “Research music (of any kind) and look for new releases.”
Superhero Power you Would Want Most: “Control of the weather!”
Favorite Things to do in Providence: “I love to go to all of the off-campus eateries: Bagel Gourmet, Three Sisters, BBC, Prov. Bagel, etc., with my friends.”

Brittany Price ‘18

Brittany Price headshotHometown: Southborough, Massachusetts
Major: Social Work
Favorite Subject (Other than Major): Theatre
Favorite Food: Sweet potato fries
Lesson Learned Your First Year at PC: “College is NOT immediately ‘the time of your life’… It’s okay to not be okay at first.”

Tyré Richards ‘19

Tyre Richards headshotHometown: Bronx, New York
Majors: Psychology & Social Work
Favorite Musicians: Drake and Party Next Door
Favorite “Real Life” Leaders: “My mom, my aunt, and my sister.”
Favorite PC Experience (so far): “Friar Foundations program, the summer before my first-year.”

Morgan Starkey ‘20

Morgon Starkey headshotHometown: Sandy Spring, Maryland
Major: Biology
Favorite Movie: Miracle
Favorite Fictional Leader: Wonder Woman
Favorite PC Experiences (so far): “Intramural sports, FaithWorks, Friar 5K, LaSalle, and Peer Ministry.”

TJ Steinthal ‘20

TJ Steinthal headshotHometown: Westchester, New York
Majors/Minor: Management and Accountancy/Writing
Favorite Book: Frankenstein
Favorite Quote: “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” – Walt Disney
Favorite Spots On-Campus: “Slavin: the Living Room and McPhail’s.”