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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers!

How do I …

figure out which textbooks I need for my classes?
get help when writing a paper?
improve my study skills?
change or add a meal plan?
replace my PC ID or add PC Cash to my card?
find out what’s happening on-campus?

How does …

course registration on CyberFriar work again?
the process of declaring a major work?

How can I …

get my parent(s) access to my grades or financial information?
communicate with my professors?
find a job on-campus?
learn about different majors or careers?

Where do I go when …

I can’t find a building on-campus?
I need tech assistance (computer, phone, email, printing, etc…)?
I’m not feeling well?
I have questions about financial aid?
I have personal concerns and need someone to talk to?
… I believe I’ve been sexually assaulted/harassed, or believe a friend has?

Have a suggested question we should add to this list, or need help with something not listed above? Please contact us!