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Leadership Fellows Program

Regardless of knowledge or skills, effective leadership requires a consciousness of one’s own values, attitudes and beliefs, and the conviction to live out those values and beliefs with purpose and integrity.

With this in mind, Providence College’s Leadership Fellows Program assists students in becoming authentic, effective, and ethical leaders, through:

  • Increasing self-awareness through reflection and assessment
  • Increasing mindfulness and empathy
  • Developing the ability to engage in dialogue, listen deeply to others, positively impact relationships, collaborate, and create positive change
  • Active experimentation as a means of determining vocation
  • Identifying life’s purpose and possible future selves through contemplation

Through our three-semester cohort-based model, participants will have the opportunity to connect regularly with peers, faculty and staff. Events and meetings offer a safe space within which all participants come together to be their authentic selves, learn from one another, and realize their potential as leaders and community members.

The program’s structure is composed of general meetings with the full LFP cohort and faculty or staff (known as “companions”). Additionally, first-year fellows will attend the Rhode Island Conference on Values-Based Leadership  during the fall semester, and a daytime Leadership Fellows retreat during the spring semester, each of which includes activities facilitated by community, business, and non-profit leaders. First-year fellows will also serve as sophomore participants in the Transformations Leadership Retreat each September. Supplemental LFP experiences include leading the Transformations Retreat as juniors/seniors, and participating in the PC in DC trip as sophomores/juniors.

Students can begin as fellows in the fall semester of their sophomore or junior year. Current program content is as follows:

  • First-Year Fellows (Sophomores or Juniors): Self Insight & Awareness; Connections & Experimentation
    • Program orientation
    • Developing one’s self-understanding
    • Identifying one’s values
    • Identifying defining moments in one’s life
    • Identifying who one wants to become, the impact one wants to have in the world, and inhibitors/facilitators to fulfilling this purpose
    • Experimenting with possible future selves
    • Connecting with role models, mentors, and interest groups
  • Second-Year Fellows (Juniors or Seniors): Coherence & Narrative
    • Development of personal narrative that effectively communicates one’s life purpose